Avesta builds teams customized to your needs based on your criteria of employment (permanent, contract, hybrid) and location (on-site, off-site, remote/virtual and WFH/SOHO). Any combination of the above two criteria can be built for you bespoke to your strategic requirement.

Permanent Team

Avesta can build a team of permanent or full-time employees who will be on your payroll working from your on-site location.

Contract Team

Avesta can build a team of temporary or contract/ freelance members working for you, on a per-project basis from your on-site location.

Avesta Hosted Team

Avesta can build you a team of permanent or contract members working from an off-site location managed/ hosted by Avesta.

WFH/Remote Team

Avesta can build you a team of permanent or contract members working from multiple remote locations or from their small office/ home office (SOHO).

Data Driven Decisions

Avesta will utilize relevant data points to bridge your technology skills gap and accelerate your company’s growth by creating high-performance technology teams customized to your needs. This will involve minimal management bandwidth at your end, while ensuring utmost transparency and status updates at each milestone.

Talent Management

Avesta will enhance your existing teams with an individual or multiple members. We will source and manage the right talent to meet your needs - be it a permanent employee or a freelance/ contract worker, working either on-Site/ off-Site or by remote/SOHO mode.

Center of Excellence via BOT

Avesta will build your COE, covering all aspects of the effort, starting with company formation/registration, identification of the physical location and network and infrastructure set-up. Avesta will also hire the entire technology, accounting, finance and human resource management teams. We avail of our proprietary build-operate and transfer model, to allow for the build out of the COE, as a service at a pre-defined price and timeline.